Written by Arch Oboler
Chicken Heart is the chilling tale of a science experiment gone horribly wrong. A brilliant scientist keeps a chicken heart alive in a vat, but an accident causes it to grow until it threatens to devour the world. It's apocalyptic fun for the whole family. The play is a theatrical adaptation of an episode of Arch Oboler's classic radio show Lights Out. Chicken Heart first aired in 1937, and enjoyed renewed popularity thanks to Bill Cosby's stand-up routing on his 1966 album Wonderfulness,
Production Info
Premiere performance July 20-27, 2013 at the Kansas City Fringe Festival. Starring Andy Garrison, Parry Luellen, Amy Hurrelbrink, Marcie Ramirez, and Eric Tedder. Directed by Tara Varney. Stage Managed by Ryan Puffer. Produced by Bryan Colley and Tara Varney.
"Just back from the Fringe Festival and saw Chicken Heart. In almost one word: 'a blast!' In two words: 'go see!'" - wornall, KC Stage
"I went to this play by chance, but I'm glad I did. It was a nice surprise, one of the best shows at Fringe that I've seen!" - Showrev, KC Stage
"This show is not just funny and nostalgic. It's an extremely clever update combining visual theater with radio performance. Colley/Varney has again created a new vision of what traditional theater can be, without sacrificing the entertainment value." - BrettV, KC Stage
"Wow. This takes me back to how sci-fi made it into the media. Great stage show. Wonderful performance from the cast, including the puppets and their masters." - tomeserole, KC Stage
"This is a highly entertaining production that will bring a sense of nostalgia to the older generation and hopefully introduce a younger generation to a form of entertainment that is passing into the mists of time due to constantly changing technology." - Rabid_Reviewer, KC Stage
"This pulls out every sci-fi cliche in the book and has so much fun with it! I can't imagine anyone not having fun at this show! And by the way, it is family friendly. Bring the kids! Bring the grandparents! Bring your friends! Bring your enemies, your frenemies, and everyone else you can fit in your car." - fluffysingler, KC Stage
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