Written by Bryan Colley, Tara Varney, Michelle Cotton, and Young Han C. Lester
If you thought Mel Gibson's Passion was funny, wait until you see the one, the holy, Jesus Christ, King of Comedy. It's the hilarious rise and fall and rise again of one of the greatest entertainers who ever walked on water. Learn the true story behind the myth: Was he a man, messiah or meshuguna?
Production Info
Premiere performance July 24-27, 2008, at the Kansas City Fringe Festival. Starring George Forbes, Susan Glennemeier, Nick Uthoff, Charlotte Kyle, and Michelle Cotton. Directed by Tara Varney.
The cast requires five actors, gender neutral. The running time is approximately 60 minutes. Contains Religious satire, mild language and mild sexual situations suitable for teens and adults. Performance royalties are negotiable and dependent on the size of the performance venue and ticket prices.
Download Jesus Christ, King of Comedy (33mb file includes music and scene transition slideshow)
Jesus Christ, King of Comedy is every bit as irreverent as the title would have you believe and the production’s calculated lack of polish only enhances the humor. Seeing a blatantly artificial beard on a woman playing a man is always good for a laugh." ~ Robert Trussell, KC Star
"This show not only was enjoyable, but had me clutching-my-sides-laughing!" ~ ajennings, KC Stage
"Irreverent, logical, and totally unapologetic." ~ Rabid Reviewer, KC Stage
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