Written and Directed by Tara Varney
Variations on a Theme by Tara Varney is a new play comprised of nine scenes, some humorous and some touching, which all have a common thematic thread. The play was performed at the MTH Theater in Crown Center as part of the Kansas City Fringe Festival, July 20-30, 2017.
It was when Tara Varney was preparing the rehearsal space for a play she was directing in 2009 that she realized the assumptions that people make, based on their own life experiences, concerning others' world view. That thought stayed in the forefront of her mind as she taught acting to young people. It was the seed of Variations on a Theme.
"We all have things we want to say, but can't, for whatever reason, or things we assume the other person already knows, but doesn't," Varney said. "It's the kernel of what makes relationships difficult. When we really, deeply realize that the other person is not coming from the same place we are, then maybe we can make some kind of headway in actually connecting."
Variations on a Theme by Tara Varney featured Amy Hurrelbrink, Parry Luellen, Mike Ott, and Marcie Ramirez. The assistant director was Michael Golliher. Produced by Bryan Colley.
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