Written by Bryan Colley
Deep in the middle ages, two warring factions gather at a royal feast, but assassination plots and philandering unravel their plans for peace.
Production Info
The Feast is a winner of Gorilla Theatre Production's Inaugural Dramatists Festival.
Premiere performance August 11-28, 1998 at the Alanz Theatre by Gorilla Theatre Productions. Starring Jerry Stark, Kevin Eib, Jonathan McClure, Carrie Rosetti, Tom Moriarty, Michelle Cotton, Daniel Carmichael, Aaron Couser, Bryan Colley, Stuart Kahn, Bill "Jazzbo" Hargrave, David Brisco Luby, Tyler Miller, George Forbes, and Roberta Von Fange. Directed by Paul Burns.
Staged reading May 14, 2018, at the Midwest Dramatists Center. Starring Bob Allen, Petra Allen, Lindsay Adams, Coleman Crenshaw, Michael Golliher, Joseph De Maria, Kelli Hahn Morford, Mike Ott, Bob Linebarger, Jay Coombes, and Tara Varney.
The cast requires nine males and two females, with other non-speaking roles. The running time is approximately 80 minutes with intermission. Suitable for all ages. This chamber epic is a large cast play that is ideal for community theatres, high schools and colleges needing several male roles. Performance royalties are negotiable and dependent on the size of the performance venue and ticket prices.
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