"Such a clever concept for a show. A festival within a festival! So much fun."
FRINGEPROV is back AT KC Fringe 2024
Do you want to see every show at Fringe, but don’t have the time? Binge the Fringe at Fringeprov, the improv game where funny people perform their takes on this year’s Fringe shows based solely on the show’s description. Just watch out for The Critic!
Starring Rita Hanch, Meghan LeVota, Connor Hills, Cameron Smith, Amanda Matteucci, and Courtney Honors. Hosted by Bryan Colley, with Tara Varney as the critic.
City Stage at Union Station

9:00pm Saturday, July 20
4:30pm Sunday, July 21
6:00pm Tuesday, July 23
9:00pm Thursday, July 25
7:30pm Friday, July 26

Tickets: https://kcfringe.org/2024-shows/fringe2024/

Fella & Dame: An Ode to Mid-Century Comedy & St. Louis' Gaslight Square


Gulag Girls

That's So Magically Meta

Longfellow's Guardian Angel

Let's Get Weird: Story Hour!

The Son of a Man (with show introduction)

Beth and Mark's BIG BANG!

The Greatest Garage Sale Ever

The Compleat History of Women, Abridged

A Shattered Mind

The Adventures of Radioactivity Man and One-Eyed Electrical Socket

Playback Theatre

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